“The Center is very clean and has a very friendly staff. I have had the pleasure of watching my daughter grow and learn. Thank you!”

Alyssa (5)

“We send both of our boys here because we are thrilled (not just satisfied) with the teachers and their dedication to the children. My older son has learned so much both academically and socially, and my younger son seems very happy.”

Charlie (1) & Cole (2.5)

“I really like this facility and so does my son. We enjoy the involvement with the parents. I would and do recommend this school to others.”

Alex (5)

“Most parents would love to stay at home with their children and I did for the first two years of my son’s life. But, when time called for a change, I was grateful for Horizon. Although it was not the closest provider, it was by far the best. They have truly done a wonderful job. I have, and will continue to, recommend Horizon to others.”

Enes (3)

“I have three children that have been and are currently enrolled at Horizon. They have exceeded beyond my expectations in terms of social and educational development. I am proud that my children have had the opportunity to experience all that they have at Horizon.”

Camdon (2), Gavin (5) & Hailey (7)